About East Invest

EIG is a Danish investment company with an investment strategy focused exclusively on hotels, rental properties and development projects in Denmark, Finland, Spain and Eastern Europe, where Poland is of particular focus.

We normally invest in real estate projects that have not been released to the market. Projects are typically sourced via banks (eg bankruptcies) or via our vast network in the region.

In order to maximize the company's value, we regularly carry out thorough modernization of our portfolio ensuring our properties always appears as attractive as possible to potential buyers.

Our income is mainly generated through:

  • * Investment in sales and rental properties
  • * Investing in larger spa and "wellness" projects
  • * Financial management and profitability of the operation

The company's core business is to develop and exploit the potential of the portfolio including, for example, the development of roof spaces and new buildings etc.

All investments are made independently and, thereto, limited liability companies are set up with the aim of being sold fully leased, or sold individually in the case of residential apartments, within 3-5 years.

All projects are sold through EIG's own network and, thus, not advertised in the market. This results in higher returns - in the range of 11% - 16% - for projects in Denmark, while our projects elsewhere generally provide a 17% - 22% return.



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