Sun Oasis Resort

Safety, quality and 'well-being' in a 5-star luxury resort were the main focus in this major project, built close to the city of Alanya in Turkey.

Sun Oasis Main Complex; Sun Oasis; Sun Oasis Complex

Sun Oasis is an exclusive resort with 378 apartments 'built on' human values with room for socializing and group activities for personal endeavours and for privacy among a mix of nationalities in a safe environment where everything has been provided.

Sun Oasis Amenities; Sun Oasis Cafe; Sun Oasis Spa

The project consisted of approximately 43,000 m2 (building square metres) on 20,000 m2 of land. The project completed in thirteen months from breaking ground to turn-key. The investment was approximately Euro78 m, with a return of 16.4%.



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